Winter Mystery

The north-west winds

wore an icy coat

among the silvery firs.


The tree tops

lain with snowy caps

in the wintry bliss

On my way back

from hunting trip

was I.

A stormy wind

took me,tossed me

into the unknown

I rose, galloping further

Clip-clop, clip-clop.

Suddenly, there,behold—

A beauty!

A white beauty.

So dazzling white

in her silvery radiance.


My eyes widened

Myself enthralled

A goddess, had I seen?


Closing my eyes and

Holding my breath

Galloping further

In a blaze—

Gone was she

I searched again

Only in vain


To see the

Foggy nothingness.


But my heart was light

As I had seen a mystery.

A ‘WINTER MYSTERY’.images (40)



Music is life

images (55)Music is a vast ocean. To understand it, one must take time, effort and definitely patience.We need to understand the basics, then have intense practice and finally become one with it.Imagine an ocean , like it’s waves moving to and forth forming tides, so does the different melodies, ragas and rhythm form an interwoven net of beautiful timelessness. To understand it, one must dvelve into it.

Hues n Blues

Choosing a colour for your home seems to be a kind of happy thing now days. I call it for the real estate boom. Don’t blame the people! Well, it may seem a bit simple task for some and for others a bit difficult. Anyway, you would want the exteriors as well as interiors of your house to look extremely good isin’t it? I would go for pale pink exteriors for my dream home. But inside it would be a splash of colours. It would be a display of my palette. I would paint the living room , a happy white, the dining a foodie cream, the kitchen a woody beige, then , the children’s room a playful blue, then master bedroom , a cute violet and of course the restrooms all would be glossy tiled upto ceilings. What colour would you call that? What shortage is there with a lot of students now opting for interior designing and architectural courses. We are not going to run short of good designers and builders in the near future. That assures me a happy home! Saves me the time of waiting for the bear and bull runs. Excuse me.a2afd8d3916d073668b9ded77b4153de

My Christmas

imagesMy times during christmas season was the best as a child. The stars we hung with its lighting effects, the christmas tree adorned with so much of glitter and ornaments all are beautiful to me. We the children of the house used to put up the old radio beneath the tree, so that it played our favourite christmas carols. And the house used to be filled with the music. My mom used to cook tasty and mouthwatering dishes , the aroma which wafted through the air was heartfilling enough. Guests used to pour in and out during the 12 days of christmas, and it was made heavenly with their christmas sweets which they used to give us as children. And we used to enjoy it. And not to forget the Christmas Cake , my dad used to get espacially for the occasion from the nearby bakery. We would then celebrate the season with the visit to the Church and of course the crib was worth seeing. All these add colours to the christmas season, which still is there today.

Colours and their Effects

coloursEver thought about why you choose certain colours for painting your house, and some while wearing a beautiful dress? The answer is simple. There is a logic for every colour. Lets start with white . It symbolizes peace and is used in flags during wars to end them.Its commonly seen as a matter of hygiene, among doctors while wearing their white coats. Then, lets look at yellow. Its a bright colour , symbolizing the sun , and it ensures happiness. Softer yellows are used in baby clothing. The next is orange, it is used in happy occasions and as a matter of grandeur. It is a rich colour and certainly implies radiance of the sun. Another colour is red. This colour is symbolic of life. But quite that, it shouldnt be used for heart patients as this increases their heartbeat. The next colour is green, which is nature colour and is blessed. It fills you with life, as one usually looks at greenery and becomes happy. Violet is a rich colour and is used in gowns. Another colour is blue, this is a calm colour and usually light blue is used in hospitals , as it gives a calming effect. Darker hues are used as grand dresses for occasions. The next is brown, the earth colour. It is a soothing colour , and it also gives peace. The next in line is grey which is a neutral colour, and is good for uniformity while painting walls in schools and hospitals too. The last is black. This absorbs light and should not be used for painting ceilings. It makes the room look smaller. So a good choice of colour for your varying needs is very important.

My Skills at Stitching

This Shutterstock image #2910885 was downloaded on 5.21.07 for HSW: KNITTING THE EASY WAY 823775
This Shutterstock image #2910885 was downloaded on 5.21.07 for HSW: KNITTING THE EASY WAY 823775

This dates way back to my holidays during my 3rd grade. When, I had a very calm and refreshing time after my final exams. But my mom made it more interesting.

She was the ultimate for me. She was good at embroidery, hand stitching, machine stitching, knitting and so many skills. So one day during my holidays, she decided to teach me knitting. She found me loitering around the house , which children during those ages do, obviously because they have nothing else to do, when their school’s closed. So, she started her vacation classes.

First she told me to hold the two needles, which were long. Then she showed me the knitting balls, which were thread rolled. So , each knot was very special to me. One by one, I carried on. And at last I completed a line. That was my achievement for the first day.What she told me was persistence pays off in knitted and that you must be dedicated to your task.

So, daily I would knit about two lines, and that went on to a long shawl piece in one colour, and it was pink. Days flew and I was happy at the completion. And when my school reopened, I was glad to show it at school as my achievement. Those days, I still treasure, and I believe are irreplaceable.

Wishing that I was a child one again.

The Little Boy

boy ltlOver the ripples,

Beneath the lake,

I see him,

the reflection of my son,

the little boy.

The pale face,

so radiant and charming………

It wasn’t long ago

when his little laughters

like pearls falling down,

filled the air……………

So beautiful was the sight

that his soft brown eyes

shone in the morning rays

Lo!Time grew him up..

Radiant into a man

my dear little boy,

my son.

You shall still be

my little child my dear,

may you blessed

in all your endeavours.