Positivity is none other than having the right approach and pleasant outlook to life. Our lives are loaded with a lot of happiness, sometimes sadness, anger, and other common emotions. The only way to remain mainly cheerful, positive and happy is to train yourself to do so. Now how do we do this? There are three main elements which I would suggest. One is a good physical pattern . This includes balanced diet, regular exercise and sleep. The next is routine which is some form of work to keep you occupied and that your brain works. And the third one is a good , happy, cheerful approach to life and a socialistic nature. Whenever you find time, talk to people. Take the initiative and tell a hello. Many a times others might not be interested , and be in in a position to respond. This might be because they are going through some difficulties which they cannot manage. Here you could make the difference. Go ahead, talk to them about their likes, their passions their interests. And this would make them realise their inherent happiness. So let topics that cover all about you take a back seat. Take time to have a walk, a stroll with your friend, your child , your life partner. Talk to them, see the cheer on their faces. Enjoy that glisten in their eyes. And finally fill that positive vibes all around you. This would radiate back happiness to you. And remember what ever joy you create comes back to you manifold. Good luck.


Movie Times

The times I and my husband spent on going to theatre are some of the best times that I have. Basically I wonder, the hits , the blockbusters, the rocking shows of different theatres here all have given me a different experience all together. Sure I have gone to many movies of Kolly wood, Tamil movies starring all top actors. Ajith, Rajanikanth, Surya, Vijay and so on. Actresses are really hard to define as all of them act a great deal. Of the all the movies, I watched here, I liked Mangatha, Bahubali, Kho and many others. I’ve been to couple of other movies like Christian Brothers, Pulimurugan, Yeh Jawani Yeh Deewani and Kick which were all rocking. The times I have been really wonderful and I look forward to many more.


thHappiness is very vital for our livelihood. It’s a very beautiful emotion and also something that multiplies when you share. A happy person is a content person. Happiness spreads positivity. A happy person radiates joy. Sure that life will have a lot of ups and downs, but a truly happy and joyful person will always have happy people around them. It’s like bees around a flower. I would connect a colourful flower to a happy life of a person. His life is like a colourful canvas which a painter would fill in with more and more vibrant flowers. The more you laugh, there would be life and happiness within you. Playing, being active all spreads happiness. So it’s important to always be happy. You are the sole creator of your happiness. So go ahead spread your happiness and multiply prosperity!

Winter Mystery

The north-west winds

wore an icy coat

among the silvery firs.


The tree tops

lain with snowy caps

in the wintry bliss

On my way back

from hunting trip

was I.

A stormy wind

took me,tossed me

into the unknown

I rose, galloping further

Clip-clop, clip-clop.

Suddenly, there,behold—

A beauty!

A white beauty.

So dazzling white

in her silvery radiance.


My eyes widened

Myself enthralled

A goddess, had I seen?


Closing my eyes and

Holding my breath

Galloping further

In a blaze—

Gone was she

I searched again

Only in vain


To see the

Foggy nothingness.


But my heart was light

As I had seen a mystery.

A ‘WINTER MYSTERY’.images (40)


Music is life

images (55)Music is a vast ocean. To understand it, one must take time, effort and definitely patience.We need to understand the basics, then have intense practice and finally become one with it.Imagine an ocean , like it’s waves moving to and forth forming tides, so does the different melodies, ragas and rhythm form an interwoven net of beautiful timelessness. To understand it, one must dvelve into it.

Hues n Blues

Choosing a colour for your home seems to be a kind of happy thing now days. I call it for the real estate boom. Don’t blame the people! Well, it may seem a bit simple task for some and for others a bit difficult. Anyway, you would want the exteriors as well as interiors of your house to look extremely good isin’t it? I would go for pale pink exteriors for my dream home. But inside it would be a splash of colours. It would be a display of my palette. I would paint the living room , a happy white, the dining a foodie cream, the kitchen a woody beige, then , the children’s room a playful blue, then master bedroom , a cute violet and of course the restrooms all would be glossy tiled upto ceilings. What colour would you call that? What shortage is there with a lot of students now opting for interior designing and architectural courses. We are not going to run short of good designers and builders in the near future. That assures me a happy home! Saves me the time of waiting for the bear and bull runs. Excuse me.a2afd8d3916d073668b9ded77b4153de