Winter Mystery

The north-west winds

wore an icy coat

among the silvery firs.


The tree tops

lain with snowy caps

in the wintry bliss

On my way back

from hunting trip

was I.

A stormy wind

took me,tossed me

into the unknown

I rose, galloping further

Clip-clop, clip-clop.

Suddenly, there,behold—

A beauty!

A white beauty.

So dazzling white

in her silvery radiance.


My eyes widened

Myself enthralled

A goddess, had I seen?


Closing my eyes and

Holding my breath

Galloping further

In a blaze—

Gone was she

I searched again

Only in vain


To see the

Foggy nothingness.


But my heart was light

As I had seen a mystery.

A ‘WINTER MYSTERY’.images (40)



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