Hues n Blues

Choosing a colour for your home seems to be a kind of happy thing now days. I call it for the real estate boom. Don’t blame the people! Well, it may seem a bit simple task for some and for others a bit difficult. Anyway, you would want the exteriors as well as interiors of your house to look extremely good isin’t it? I would go for pale pink exteriors for my dream home. But inside it would be a splash of colours. It would be a display of my palette. I would paint the living room , a happy white, the dining a foodie cream, the kitchen a woody beige, then , the children’s room a playful blue, then master bedroom , a cute violet and of course the restrooms all would be glossy tiled upto ceilings. What colour would you call that? What shortage is there with a lot of students now opting for interior designing and architectural courses. We are not going to run short of good designers and builders in the near future. That assures me a happy home! Saves me the time of waiting for the bear and bull runs. Excuse me.a2afd8d3916d073668b9ded77b4153de


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