Colours and their Effects

coloursEver thought about why you choose certain colours for painting your house, and some while wearing a beautiful dress? The answer is simple. There is a logic for every colour. Lets start with white . It symbolizes peace and is used in flags during wars to end them.Its commonly seen as a matter of hygiene, among doctors while wearing their white coats. Then, lets look at yellow. Its a bright colour , symbolizing the sun , and it ensures happiness. Softer yellows are used in baby clothing. The next is orange, it is used in happy occasions and as a matter of grandeur. It is a rich colour and certainly implies radiance of the sun. Another colour is red. This colour is symbolic of life. But quite that, it shouldnt be used for heart patients as this increases their heartbeat. The next colour is green, which is nature colour and is blessed. It fills you with life, as one usually looks at greenery and becomes happy. Violet is a rich colour and is used in gowns. Another colour is blue, this is a calm colour and usually light blue is used in hospitals , as it gives a calming effect. Darker hues are used as grand dresses for occasions. The next is brown, the earth colour. It is a soothing colour , and it also gives peace. The next in line is grey which is a neutral colour, and is good for uniformity while painting walls in schools and hospitals too. The last is black. This absorbs light and should not be used for painting ceilings. It makes the room look smaller. So a good choice of colour for your varying needs is very important.


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